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Remote Online Notarization Services available through Central Signing Service, Inc.

Going Remote without losing that Personal Touch! We do not use an outside contractor or third-party vendor to handle our RON requests. We have an established RON department with a team of experiences notaries located within our main headquarters in Southern Oregon who specialize in this newer process. Direct from our location, we can notarize your documents for anyone, anywhere with Remote Online Notarizations.

The entire process is digital, from the customer signing through the notarization and delivery of the original document. It is a legal form of notarization in many states, including Oregon and often used for single documents signings such as a power of attorney or transfer deed, also the notarized documents within a seller’s package, private beneficiary documents and more.

Currently loan documents are being signed with certain exceptions and approvals. Acceptance of the documents should be confirmed in advance by the party to whom the document will be presented, such as the lender, title insurance company and/or county recorder’s office.

After the signing is complete, the original will be uploaded securely in a PDF format, can be safely retrieved, and properly viewed with the most updated version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

We utilize the SIGNix Platform as approved by the Oregon Secretary of State for performing Remote Online Notarizations. Additional information can be found at

Due to the location of the customer and the time zones, we make every attempt to be available when convenient and within reason. The customers identity will be verified using a Knowledge Bases Authentication (KBA) process.

Below are the main requirements which must met for KBA to be passed successfully and the RON to be completed:

  • A valid SSN or an ITIN for people who pay taxes in the US
  • Enough US based history to create 5+ personal questions to answer (this will include things like past addresses, cities or counties lived in, cars purchased, etc.)
  • A valid US issued form of ID such as a driver’s license or a passport or a qualified foreign passport.
  • A computer for the RON, signing of the documents AND the Zoom meeting, which will require audio and video abilities.
  • A smartphone for taking ID pictures and the secondary verification – text messages can ONLY be sent to phone with US numbers for the secondary verification. The secondary verification can be done via email if only a foreign phone number or using the QR code option.
  • The notary and the signer must speak the same language. If a notary who speaks a language other than English is required, please make that request known.

Here are some common reasons why someone fails KBA automatically:

  • The signer is young and does not yet have enough established history to create personal knowledge questions
  • The signer is a new citizen and does not yet have enough established history in the US
  • The signer has recently changed their name, and so all their information is still associated with their previous name
  • The signer goes by more than one name, and so their information is spread out across several names without a majority match to the name entered on the transaction
  • The signer entered their SSN and / or DOB incorrectly
  • The signer’s name was entered into the transaction incorrectly

Here are some common reasons why someone might fail the ID scan part of the KBA process:

  • The ID has expired
  • The ID picture is blurry, out of focus, in shadow, or has too much glare
  • The ID picture is cut off, and does not have a dark boarder around all four edges
  • The ID picture is sideways, upside down or in portrait when it should be landscape
  • The ID was not issued by the US, such as a foreign passport
  • The signer’s name on the ID does not match the name entered for them in the transaction
  • The signer’s address on the ID does not match public records for the signer’s known locations
  • The signer is using a Passport Card, and has not chosen the “ID Card” option – the “Passport” option is only available for the book, not the card version

Email if you need any additional information or are ready to make an appointment.